What Should I Expect?

Pulse Driver Training provides training on the practical elements of driving as well as things to know before buckling into the driver’s seat.

Some of the skills that we can cover in our driving lessons include:

Below is an indication of what new drivers can expect in our lessons. Feel free to share this with your learner driver.

Beginner Lessons

In our first session, we will plan and tailor your lessons based on your driving experience to date. Following this, we will head out on the road or to a quiet training area depending on your level of experience.

The main focus of these lessons is practicing manipulative skills including steering, braking, and parking. We will also look at simple intersections with left and right turns as your skills develop.

Intermediate Lessons

After your skills have developed, we will begin navigating a variety of intersections, including give way signs, stop signs, and traffic lights. We will also introduce hill starts, roundabout use, U-turns, three-point turns, parallel parking, and reversing.

Advanced Lessons

Before drivers take their restricted test or head out on the road on their own, we highly recommend some advanced lessons. This training will progressively extend your ability to cope with various driving conditions including dual carriageways, multiple lane roads, level crossings, busy shopping streets, and highway driving.


Below are a handful of the drivers we have helped become confident on the road.

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