How do you choose the right Driving Instructor?

For parents and caregivers, there is nothing quite as terrifying and exciting as your child getting behind the wheel of a car. We all know the stats on teen drivers and want to do anything possible to ensure your child is a switched-on driver.

This is why it is so important to choose a driving instructor that you can trust. Get to know Geoff Flett below.

About the instructor

Geoff Flett holds a current I endorsement that allows him to operate commercially as a driving instructor. This means that he has successfully completed an approved driving instructor course, passed medical and eyesight requirements, passed the police vetting process, and has also passed the theoretical and practical driving tests.

About the Vehicle

Lessons are conducted in an automatic, modern Mazda 3 with up-to-date safety features, an ANCAP Safety 5-star rating and, for extra peace of mind, a dual-control brake and accelerator for the instructor to use if needed

Subject to prior booking, the vehicle can be used for the learner’s driving tests if needed.

While the vehicle is fully insured, the learner is responsible for any traffic infringements that may occur while they are driving.

About supervised driving

Did you know that international best practice recommends that young people gain 120 hours of supervised driving under a wide variety of driving conditions and environments before they drive solo? Currently in New Zealand, the level of self-reported supervised practice for learner drivers is much lower than this – averaging around 40 hours.

Teenagers have an elevated crash risk in their first six months of solo driving. The best way to reduce this risk is by combining formal driving education with plenty of supervised practice.

    • When driving on a learner’s licence, the learner must always be accompanied by a supervisor. The supervisor is in charge of the vehicle and must:
    • Hold a current and valid full New Zealand licence for the same class of vehicle being used to learn in;
    • Have held their New Zealand full licence (or an equivalent overseas licence) for at least two years;
    • Sit in the passenger seat next to the driver at all times;
    • Carry their licence with them.

More Information


This is a really useful resource for both the learner and the supervisor. It was launched in 2016 by the NZ Transport Agency and ACC. It is a website and online learning tool to help young people become safe, skilled, and capable drivers.

The site provides an electronic version of the road code complete with practice tests as well as a wealth of information about the practical tests and coaching guides and resources for supervisors.


VTNZ provides information about the driver licensing process


Below are a handful of the drivers we have helped become confident on the road.

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